Our hot peppers are grown with passion!

From a tiny plant plant to a full-grown hot pepper, we monitor our peppers 24/7. With the help of our advanced equipment, extensive experience and biological natural enemies, we grow our peppers with passion.

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Overview of the growth

Hot pepper king grows hot peppers throughout the year. The harvest season runs from April to December. There are no less than 220,000 stems in our greenhouses, each of which receiving our fullest attention. During the season, our motivated team harvests daily.


The seed of a pepper plant can be cultivated within 6 weeks. After that, the seed grows into a plant that can reach a height of 30 cm.


Whenever the young plants are big enough, thousand of them are shipped simultaneously to our greenhouses. At these locations, they are set and provided with nutrition.


The plants in the greenhouse are now able to grow further. Meanwhile, each and every plant is daily checked and catered in order to prevent the rise of plagues and diseases. This intensive monitoring makes it possible to protect the plants with use of biological crop protection. We use bumblebees for the process of natural pollination of our peppers,. These busy bees work from dusk till dawn and make sure that every plant is pollinated.


When pollinating occurs, it takes seven or eight weeks before the first peppers are ready to be harvested. Harvesting is a daily process in which each pepper is handpicked and checked for quality.


After the peppers are collected, they are ready to be packed in our brand-new packing facility. This process is in close coöperation with the customer to ensure that every product meets their standards and demands. Our extensive assortment enables us to offer our customers an extensive range of products and packagings.


Our packaged hot peppers are transported to different locations of the customer. This way, they may very well be on the shelves the following day. A handy tip for preserving the quality of the peppers; keep them outside of the fridge at a cool ,dark pla

Natural pollination and biological protection (Bumblebees are our Trusty Staff Members)

The pollination process is carried out by our bumblebees. They are hard working and loyal ‘staff members’ of which we are very careful. This means that the protection of our plants is as biological as possible. For example, we use natural enemies of certain insects in order to prevent plagues. Also, we use fungi as a countermeasure towards other fungi. All this combined creates a natural balance in which plants, bumblebees and humans can thrive.


Facts and tips

We produce 19 million peppers on average a year. This means that we could provide all the inhabitants of New Orleans with a weekly pepper for a whole year.

27 miljoen hete pepers

The Cayenne pepper is named after the capital of French-Guiana (Cayenne)

Cayenne peper

The pungency (spicy heat) of a pepper is measured by the Scoville scale. This scale ranges from zero to 16 million. For example, the hottest pepper in the world (the Carolina Reaper) has an average value of 1.5 million. This pepper is a real badass.

Scoville scale

The hot pepper is a ideal condiment for delicious recipes like red pepper soup or a spicy roasted pepper frittata. For these and more recipes, head over to the Hot Pepper Shop.

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Hot peppers bundle

Why we Call Ourselves the Hot Pepper King

  • Extensive assortment and packaging
    Cayenne / Habanero / Caroline Reaper / Jalapeno / Naga Jolokia
  • Thanks to our brand new packing facility, we are able to meet all the packaging demands of our customers
  • Sales by Oxin Growers
    We are member of Growers Association Oxin Growers U.A. Sales are made by growers association Oxin Growers. For more information you can always contact Oxin Growers U.A. www.oxin-growers.nl.

    Oxin Growers is one of the largest growers’ cooperatives in the Netherlands. Every day, our 260 members commit to delivering top quality, tasty fruit and vegetables. Our varied range consists of firm, field-grown vegetables, rich quality vegetables grown in greenhouses, juicy pome fruit and refined soft fruits.

    We have an exemption for house sales directly to the consumer.
  • Intensive collaboration


In order to offer high quality products, we collaborate with several recognized and experienced companies within the horticulture industry.

  • Scherpenhuizen: Scherpenhuizen is specialized in the import and export, wholesale, packaging, storage, transshipment and distribution of fruit, vegetables and exotics. Originally a traditional auction buyer, Scherpenhuizen developed itself into modern fresh supplier with a high level of customer orientation.
  • Levarht: Located at de Kwakel, Levarth & zn., has been a worldwide suplier of fruit and vegetables for more than 85 years with a strong focus on sales in Asia.
  • Haluco: Haluco has specialized in fruit and vegetables for more than 80 years. As market leader in Dutch greenhouse vegetables, Haluco has one goal: to be the best partner for customers and suppliers. Besides greenhouse vegetables, Haluco offers an extensive assortment of Dutch field vegetables.
  • Eminent Seeds: Eminent Seeds is specialized in het development of new and improved vegetable varieties. By using classic crossing methods, not genetic modification, they create new varieties which are different in terms of colour, shape and taste.
  • Rijk Zwaan: Rijk Zwaan is among the top 5 vegetable breeding companies in the world, with over 2800 employees in 30 different countries. Their headquarters are located in the Lier, which is also the main hub for all their international activities.
  • Combilo: Combilo B.V. is an importer and exporter of fruit and vegetables located in Waddinxveen. For more than 90 years they connect supply and demand; grower, retailer, importer and wholesale.
  • Vreugdenhil: Vreugdenhil Young Plants is a professional and dynamic plant grower with a focus on the growth of warm vegetable plants and a great diversity of floriculture products. This counts for young plants, as well as for finished products.
  • Hatch Consultancy: Hatch Consultancy is a young but also experienced business specialized in the support of companies in the horticultural industry. We provide services in terms of Interim Management and Strategy Solutions. Our approach is characterized by pragmatism and thoroughness.
  • Westdesign: Westdesign has been renowned for their craftsmanship since 2007. We are a web design office with a focus on customization projects for a diverse group of companies and organisations. From strategy to full realization of websites, graphic design and online marketing!
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