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Hot Pepper King obviously does its utmost to carefully put together the information on its website and keep it up to date. Nevertheless, we are not obliged to do so and we cannot guarantee that all information is always complete or correct. We can also not guarantee that the use of this information leads to the right results or that the information is suitable for everyone.

If, in response to the information on the website, you have questions or want to take action, please contact Hot Pepper King without any obligation. We do our best to help you further or, if we can not, refer you to someone who can help you further.

You can reach us in various ways: by telephone, by regular mail and also by e-mail. By sending us confidential information without encryption via e-mail, you accept the risk that this information will be made known to third parties.

Sometimes we refer on our website to websites operated by third parties, for example by placing hyperlinks. Hot Pepper King obviously does not guarantee the correctness or completeness of the information on these third-party websites. Nor can it guarantee the way other websites deal with your personal data (such as your IP address, for example).

No liability
Hot Pepper King is in no way liable for damage or costs, of whatever nature, arising from or resulting from the use of the of the website or its information.

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